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1° Plan de clase | Lengua extranjera | Primaria | My classroom

plan de clase inglés

1º primaria - Plan de clase

Logros e indicadores de logro My classroom plan de clase

The student:

  • Talks about school supplies.
    Uses songs to learn vocabulary, sentences and cultural aspects.
    Names the days of the week.
  • Identifies school subjects in English.
  • Uses vocabulary strategies.
  • Makes associations.
  • Chart paper
  • School items
  • Pencil
  • Colored pencils / markers
  • A big schedule
  • A box


Name the things in the classroom as you point to them. Ask the students to point to the things you name.
Then, you can play "I spy with my little eye", e.g. "I spy with my little eye something beginning with E" Your students should say: Eraser!


Ask the students to take out all their school items. Show them each one as you name them. Copy the words on the board, and ask them to repeat and point.


Borrow some of your students school items and put the inside a box. Have a student go to the front and take out an object. Ask him or her, "What is it?" and the student should answer, "This is a..." Profundización

If there is a schedule in your classroom, use it and ask your students, "When do you study art?"

"What do you need for your art class?" and so on.

Have them draw their schedules in groups. Then they can practice making new dialogs according to their schedules and then present them to the whole class.

New Rainbow 1. Greenwich ELT.

Notas - New vocabulary

  • Classroom items. Chalk, marker, eraser, desk, chair, door, window, wall, board. School supplies. School bag, book, ruler, notebook, (colored) pencil, glue, sharpener, scissors, pen, pencil case, lunch box.
  • Subjects. Math, art, music, science. Other. every day, piano, different.
  • Questions: What's this? It's a/an...; Where's...? It's in/on/under; When is...? It's on...

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